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Obtain Project Management Certificate , PMI’s PMP (Project Management Professional), requires 4500 hours of Project Management experience with a four-year degree

or 7500 hours without, 35 hours of formal training and passing the PMP exam.

It’s the most recognized PM certification in the world. The exam is based on the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

which is assemblage of Project management concepts and practices. It’s very broad in nature, but not prescriptive.

It doesn’t teach you exactly how to manage a project,

but it ensures that experienced project managers share a common lexicon and understanding of the various aspects of project management.

Obtain Project Management Certificate 

PRINCE2 is certification in the PRINCE2 methodology. It’s a specific approach and framework for managing projects.

This is the most practical PM cert since you’ll come out with a

specific understanding of how to manage a project using PRINCE2.

However, it’s not as well recognized outside of the EU

and unless your target organization uses PRINCE2, it may be of limited value to them.

The skills are very transferable to other frameworks and methodologies, but recruiters don’t always make that connection.

Obtain Project Manage Certificate 


PMI’s CAPM (Certified Associate in Project management) is “PMP-Lite” and is essentially a PMP without the experience.

Personally, I don’t really get this cert.

You don’t have practical experience

and you don’t get tested on anything that really indicates your ability to manage a project.

It really just indicates that you’ll understand what a PMP is talking about when you work with one.

Comptia’s Project+ is a third party CAPM. It demonstrates that you can talk the talk, but doesn’t really indicate that you can manage a project.

The AAPM MPM is a competitor to the PMP with similar requirements. It’s not as well recognized, but it is starting to make inroads.

If you’re looking at jobs in the Asia Pacific region, IAPPM’s CPM is also a possibility.

Again, it’s a competitor to the PMP with very similar requirements. But it’s a very limited in recognition.

There are literally hundreds of complementary certifications in Risk Management,

Resource Management,

Communications Management,

Stakeholder Management, Agile, Waterfall, Critical Chain,

Lean, Extreme, Program management,

Portfolio Management, etc.

But I’d recommend that you have a PMP, CAPM (depending on your PM experience)

and/or PRINCE2 as your core cert before chasing the add-ons.

How to Obtain Project Management Certificate

WhatsApp +971 589172616

Obtain Project Manage Certificate

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