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Get Valid PTE Certificate.

How to get Valid PTE Certificate Online With or Without Taking the Exams WhatsApp +971 589172616

Many students get intimidated by the complex nature of PTE. However, all one needs to be is little organized and attentive and they can come out with flying colors. It is not at all difficult for on to score high in the exam like PTE. It required one to work on enabling skills like – Speaking, writing, reading and listening. Since, people are largely unaware about PTE and the way exam is conducted, certain difficulties arise whilst preparing for the paper and attempting the paper. Given below are some tips which will help students to achieve a better score in PTE- Ac Read on –

GET PTE CERTIFICATE ONLINE WhatsApp +971 589172616

  • While attempting writing tasks, use correct punctuation: commas, full stops, capital letters, etc. When asked to summarize text, make sure that your response must be between 5 to 75 words. Responses less than 5 words and more than 75 words will not be scored.
  • While writing an essay, identify the main topic; areas one needs to focus upon and any specific point of view that you might be asked to take. Keep in mind the word limit which is usually between 200-300 words.
  • During speaking, respond quickly and keep on speaking. Microphone will automatically stop recording after 3 seconds of silence. You will be given 10-40 seconds depending upon the task, to look and understand the text before recording starts.
  • In speaking section, make sure that you include as many important points as you can in the short span of time that you get. Make use of complex and compound sentences and stress on words which you feel need to be highlighted.
  • In reading section, use prompts and text boxes that appear along with the text in different tasks, carefully to get an idea as to what the text is about. These will help you understand the main idea of the text.
  • Develop your vocabulary and grammar skills to help you tide over reading sections easily.
  • When you take notes while attempting listening section, make sure that you note down the main idea as well as the supporting arguments which will essentially help you to frame your response in a better way and will fetch you good marks.
  • Remember to thoroughly check what you ha€™ve written for any grammar or spelling mistake. Give yourself sometime to re-check your responses once.

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Get Valid PTE Certificate

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