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1. The Goethe Institute and TELC certificates are both reputable certifications for German proficiency, but they are distinct in various aspects, especially at the B1 and B2 levels.

2. The Goethe Institute is a non-profit organization promoting German language study, while TELC is a subsidiary of the German Adult Education Association responsible for language tests.

3. Goethe exams have four parts, while TELC exams have five parts, including mediation for translation between languages.

GEOTHE B2 Exams for sale

4. Goethe uses a six-level CEFR scale, while TELC has a slightly different interpretation of the levels.

5. Goethe certificates have indefinite validity, while TELC certificates are usually valid for two years.

6. The recognition of Goethe and TELC certificates varies, with Goethe being widely accepted by universities, employers, and immigration authorities.

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