GOETHE B1, B2,A1,A2 Certifications for sale WhatsApp +971 589172616

GOETHE B1 Certification for sale – GOETHE B1, B2,A1,A2 Certifications for sale WhatsApp +971 589172616

German language requirements for Ausbildung programs vary depending on the program and also the specific company offering the Ausbildung. However, a B1 level certificate is likely not sufficient. Here’s why:

B1 is a lower intermediate level: The B1 level indicates that you can understand everyday conversation on familiar topics.

Also for an Ausbildung, you’ll likely need a higher level of proficiency in German specific to the technical aspects of orthopedic shoemaking.

Here’s what you can do:

Contact the Ausbildung programs you’re interested in:

They will be able to tell you the specific German language requirements for their program.

Look for programs that offer German language prep courses:

Some Ausbildung programs may offer preparatory courses to help you improve your German to the required level.

Consider taking a German language course to reach B2 or higher:

This will improve your chances of being accepted into an Ausbildung program.

GOETHE B1 Certification for sale WhatsApp +971 589172616

Here are some resources that you might also find helpful:

Make it in Germany – Skilled professions: This website has information about Ausbildung programs in Germany, including language requirements.

The Goethe-Institut: The Goethe-Institut is a German organization that offers German language courses. You can search for courses near you on their website

GOETHE B1 Certification for sale

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