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It is possible to obtain a CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) certificate without taking the exam. The CELPIP exam is a standardized test that assesses a candidate’s English language proficiency for immigration, citizenship, and professional purposes. The exam is designed to measure the candidate’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

We can help obtain a CELPIP certificate is by taking the exam and achieving a minimum score of 4 in each language skill. Take the CELPIP test center in Canada or at an international location. There are no shortcuts or alternative ways to obtain a CELPIP certificate without taking the exam.

CELPIP- Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program is a test conducted by Paragon Testing Enterprises., a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia.

CELPIP is a language proficiency test for Canadian Immigration. The CELPIP test can be taken for the Temporary Visa, Permanent Residency, Express Entry, and Citizenship in Canada.

This test has many advantages over other tests conducted for language proficiency. preferred individuals who want to immigrate to Canada on temporary residency or permanent residency.

Permanent residents who want to apply for citizenship also take this test. This test has the same test score levels as Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB).

CELPIP General test: This test is mainly for the purpose of immigration and permanent residency. This test has four Modules. This test is available in many countries like India, Canada, and the UK.

CELPIP General LS Test: This test is mainly for the purpose of immigration and Canadian Citizenship. This test is only an Hour-long and has two modules only. You can take this test in Canada only.

Get CELPIP Certificate Online

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