Buy Nebosh IGC Certificate Online WhatsApp +971 589172616

Buy Nebosh IGC Certificate Online- WhatsApp +971 589172616

A recent publication has revealed that employers in the health and safety industry seek NEBOSH qualifications above all others.
Two thirds of job adverts for health and safety roles specify at least one NEBOSH qualification, with well over a third demanding a NEBOSH National General Certificate.
The research, published in the NEBOSH News Update,

also reveals that 81% of those who hold a NEBOSH qualification are not employed directly in health and safety roles.

It is therefore worthwhile considering taking a qualification such as NEBOSH as part of your resettlement,

whether you are aiming to work specifically in health and safety or not.

Civilian qualifications such as this can add value to your CV

and open up a wide range of job opportunities in many different sectors.
NEBOSH Chief Executive, Teresa Budworth explains the importance of a sound knowledge of health and safety,

which will be familiar in particular to Service leavers who have worked in demanding and high-pressure environments;

“Managing health and safety is an important skill in all modern workplaces. People who manage safety and control risks effectively protect their employer from prosecution, a damaged reputation and significant costs. Importantly they also know the correct way to protect lives and prevent unnecessary injuries at work,

and don’t make the kind of silly and unwarranted decisions that can give health and safety a bad name.”


Buy Nebosh IGC Certificate Online

Buy Nebosh IGC Certificate Online

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WhatsApp +971 589172616

“A globally recognized qualification for those who have Environmental

Management responsibilities or anyone wishing to have a career in this area.

The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management covers the principles of environmental management

and is relevant for both UK and international markets.”

Sure, you can probably get a job in Canada AFTER you have immigrated, but not BEFORE.

Your degree is not unique enough for you to qualify for a work permit.

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